Art & Wool: a color exploration class with Hannah Thiessen (Oct. 24th – 26th)

Art & Wool
Hannah Thiessen
Oct 24 – 26 (Thur – Sat)


Hannah Thiessen, author of Slow Knitting, landscape painter, and color enthusiast, joins us for a weekend exploring a new way to approach color. Her method, built on a set of principles and guidelines and inspired by early American landscape painters in the Hudson Valley region, explores the application of mixing semi-neutral tones to enhance and offset bold, saturated colors in nuanced, complex ways. This color method can be applied to a variety of fiber arts and beyond, and even those previously uncomfortable with color matching and mixing will find themselves readily able to explore within the guidelines of this course.

The class begins with an introduction to basic artistic color theory, then reveals how to streamline and focus certain aspects of color theory to generate interesting, naturally inspired palettes. Attendees will use the Harrisville Shetland and Highland's extensive color range to realize these color combinations and will create, then take home, their own set of color cards using this method. Students will also learn about the Hudson Valley art movement, a heavily influential and local American landscape painting movement, and follow with studies on current local painters who have continued to draw on inspiration from the region. Depending on student interest and the weather, we may take a local art oriented field trip one of the afternoons.

Armed with their own color sets, attendees will then learn how to evaluate imagery and inspiration of their own, and with provided materials, to decipher and develop pleasing color combinations that they can then use in weavings, embroideries, knitting and crochet projects, felted fabrics, and more. 



Please bring a set of plastic or wooden embroidery cards for winding off each of the Harrisville colors discussed (the yarn will be provided to you). Bring a writing utensil and paper to take notes during the lecture portion. A printed guide will be provided, as will a variety of visual art aids. Colored pencils, markers, tablets / smart phones / computers are all wonderful additional materials, but do not feel required to bring them. The workshop has peg looms, floor looms, and a variety of knitting needles on hand, but it is always good to bring your own hooks, needles, or other preferred supplies if you are able. 


About the Instructor


Hannah Thiessen is an art history / painting student turned yarn industry professional. She studied the work of early American landscape painters and Chinese landscape painters at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2007, she left formal education and began developing visual direction in varying capacities for yarn companies and knitting related service industries. She has worked in wool her entire adult life and currently runs Knitting Vividly and manages the monthly shipments and planning for KNITCRATE. She launched an artistic knitting book titled Slow Knitting through Abrams Craft in the fall of 2017. 


Please call 1(603) 827-3996 for more information or to sign up for the class. 

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